Links to woodworking YouTube channels and websites

YouTube channels

Here's some of my favourite woodworking channels. Not a complete list, but includes all the ones that I follow. I try to keep this list sorted to put the channels whose videos I enjoy the most nearest the top, regardless of popularity or how often or rarely they post.

Matthias Burger German guy, in english. Lots of old machines and big timber!
Simon Heslop Builds machines, well engineered.
John Heisz (website) Builds machines. More technical approach.
Marius Hornberger (Instagram) A young German guy (in english). Builds his own machines.
Wintergatan (website) A musician who built a totally amazing musical marble machine
Bellevue workshop (Website) Lots of interesting tool builds
Jeremy Schmidt (Instagram) Likes to build tools and machines
Frank Howarth (Instagram) Very elaborate and beautifully crafted projects, nicely filmed
The geek pub (website) Woodworking and electronics
Jimmy Diresta (Instagram) Innovative projects in all kinds of media. Lots of impractical knives.
Cosmas Bauer Builds various homemade machines, fairly technical. A German guy, but in English.
Jer's woodshop (Instagram) Videos about shop improvements.
April Wilkerson (website) DIY projects, many of them decorative
krtwood (facebook) Makes a living selling stuff on Etsy
Mirok's workshop A Ukranian. Projects quite mechanical and ingenious.
Laura Kampf (Instagram) A german artist/maker.
Scott Rumschlag (website)Expanding round table and other mechanical wooden projects
Jeremy Fielding Homemade machines mostly from salvaged parts
Mike and Lauren (website) Woodworking, and personal finance
Peter Brown (Instagram) Shop time - a geek with a full set of power tools
Words N wood (website) Art's woodworking scrapbook
Bob Clagett (website) Woodworking and high tech related projects.
Homestead craftsman Builds a lot of farm tables, and house renovations
Ben Brandt Science-y Woodworking and electronics
Matt Cremona (Instagram) Fine woodworking, and about milling lumber
Jay Bates (website) Lots of quick projects.
Alain Vaillancourt Big and heavy things made from hardwoods.
Steve Ramsey (website) Mostly easy projects anyone can build.
Izzy Swan A lot of mechanical projects. Cool, but not necessarily useful.
Steve Carmichael (website) Original, quick and easy projects
Chop with Chris (Instagram) Projects from logs, with no power tools, but lots of axes.
Steve Zhang A chinese student, building woodworking jigs and machines.
Shop built (website) Homemade workshop and tools
Get hands dirty Another female woodworker, woodworks in her apartment.
Tim Sway (website) Woodowrking with mostly reclaimed material, and other DIY.
Homemade modern (website) Projects for hipsters, using wood and concrete
Darbin Orvar Girl in a Shop adventures in woodworking
Cy's Corner Mostly crafty decorative projects. Very enthusiastic.
David Picciuto (website) Nicely done projects. I like the weekly wrap-ups - good way to find more content.
Nick Ferry Woodworking. Likes to use pocket holes.
Canadian woodworks (Instagram) Makes hardwood furniture for a living (not so much about YouTube
Jon Peters Art & Home Various woodworking projects
Four eyes woodworking Very original furniture designs
Cactus workshop Cheap tools, artistic woodworking
DIY tyler (Instagram) Workshop projects
Toolify (Instagram) Mechanical projects
Ron Paulk A homebuilding contractor, making videos
Jord's woodshop An Australian, doing custom woodwork
Adventures in DIY DIY projects, mostly woodworking
Ronald Walters Finely made mechanical projects and mechanisms out of wood
Wayne Mclellan A cabinet maker, poor video production but some original ideas.
The samurai carpenter big shop, lots of work on his home
Stephan Pöhnlein  Timothy Wilmots  Stumpy nubs workshop   Savvas Pasavva   Paoson Woodworking  
Paul Jenkins   Trevor's workshop   Peter Collin   This Woodwork   Crafted workshop  Garage woodworks  
Jack Houweling   Dominic's Woodworks   Woodworkweb   Woodbrew   MonkWerks  

More favourite builders of stuff, not really woodworking
Rainfall projects Metal projects, lots of welding, fixing and modifying farm machinery
Colin Furze A crazy builder of crazy contraptions (all metal though). Fun to watch!
This old tony Machining and metalworking. Very thorough approach.
Switch and Lever Interesting mechanical projects, mostly from metal.
Applied Science Ben Krasnov doing all kinds of advanced science experiments in his shop
ElectroBOOM Electronics experiments. Lots of sparks and mishaps. Very funny!
Practical engineering Civil engineering, and science projects
Jörg Sprave About slingshots. Jörg often builts crazy slinkshot contraptions.
Clickspring (website) home machining and clock making
The 8-bit Guy Old computers, Retro computing
Paul Elkins Human powered transport, small boats, mobile shelters
Cody's lab Chemistry experiments, mining, refining precious metals
WayOutWest Blowinblog Country living and tinkering
Jeremy Mantzel A guy living in Panama, lots of boats and domes hacked together from fiberglass
Mick Make Reviewing lots of little single board computers, similar to Arduinos and Raspberry Pis
Tim Hunkin Lots of interesting mechanical contraptions
Post apocalyptic inventor Science, engineering, and electronics.
Make it extreme Lots of mechanical hacks and machines, from metal.
The hacksmith Lots of trying to make superhero stuff real (a Colin Furze wannabe)

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