Carbide saw teeth macro closeups

Getting carbide saw blades sharpened is not cheap and can only be done a few times before the blade needs to be replaced.

So for a while now, I've been trying to think of a good method to objectively evaluate whether a blade needs sharpening. Measures such as "it cuts good", or "the teeth feel sharp when I run my fingers across them" are very subjective.

But when I started experimenting with macro photography, I found a way to judge sharpness!

I had been using this saw blade for some time. I thought it might not be as sharp as it could be, but it was hard to be sure until I examined the teeth close up. The tooth is 2.6 mm wide.

Surprisingly, this blade still works decently. But looking at the teeth closely, I think it's time to take this one in for sharpening.

I think I'll use this image as a reference for when a blade needs sharpening from now on. Still sharp enough to make a cut, but definitely less sharp than my other saw blades.

Another carbide blade, which I have not used that much yet. It still has a good edge to it.

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