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I get requests for versions of the website in other languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Russian. This would be a nice thing to be able to offer, but I don't know these languages. Sometimes, people have offered to help, so this page details how to get the HTML from a page to translate it. Do not use a tool that claims to be able to do it for you - these often also modify the HTML.

To translate a web page on, first you have to extract the HTML source code for a page you wish to translate. Translation needs to be done at the HTML code level, otherwise I will not be able to integrate the translation back into my website.

Getting the HTML code for editing

In Firefox:

In Firefox, you can get to the page source as shown at left. The select everything (select all under "Edit"), and copy paste it into whichever editor you want to use to translate.

In Google Chrome:

In chrome, you can get to the source through the menu on the right, and selecting "view source". Then select all, copy and paste into a text editor of your choice.

In Internet explorer:

In Internet explorer, select "View source", then from the next screen select everything, copy, and paste into a a text editor of your choice.

How it may look in notepad:

With some options, the HTML will look a bit messed up because notepad doesn't understand how new-lines (carriage returns) are coded on my site. But if you cut and paste from notepad to another editor, it should look ok.

If you would like to be able to review the copy stored on your computer, with pictures, you can get the pictures from an article onto your computer by selecting "save page as" from your browser. This will create a directory with all the pictures in it. just put the HTML file you downloaded in the steps above into the directory with the pictures, and all the pictures, except for the thumbnails should show. Please note that "save page as" also saves the HTML file on your computer, but this HTML file will be altered, so please, don't base your translation on the HTML file from "save page as". Follow the steps above to get the raw HTML file instead.

Making the images display (optional)

If you preview your translated work on your computer in a web browser, the browser will not be able to find the images, and they will al display as empty rectangles similar to the one at right. If you would like to be able to see the images as you check your work, you can add a line to the file to tell the browser to retrieve the images from

After the line <head> add the line:
  <base href="">

Where directory is replaced with part of the URL that the page is from.

For example, for the page from:
The beginning of the file would look something like this (with the third line added by you):

<base href="">
<title>How to make wooden gears</title>
<style type=text/css>
  body { font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 100%;}

For the page
the line to add would be: <base href="">

Using Google translator to do a first pass

You can use Google translator to do a first pass translation. Just copy the HTML into Google translator and then copy the result out. Google translator is at

Sometimes Google translator works quite well, other times it gets it badly wrong. Using Google translator is not "translating", but it can be a useful starting point.

Please note that you can also translate a whole web page, with pictures and all, with Google translator. But the HTML source for the page will be greatly altered, so this is not a suitable starting point.

Whatever you do, the original HTML formatting must be preserved. So once you are done translating, it should still look a lot like the original HTML below, but with the text in a different language.

Do not use any tools that claim to handle HTML. Tools that handle HTML will usually alter the HTML formatting, which will make it an incredible amount of work to restore the original HTML. I don't have a lot of time to spare, so that means I will not be able to use the result of your effort. You can however use Microsoft Word as your editor, so long as you paste in the text (as opposed to trying to load it), and when you are done, save as text only. In fact, using Microsoft word is a good idea, because word has good spelling and grammar tools.

When you are done, email me the .html or .txt file. This should be one file, and less then 25k in size. If it's more than one file, or more than 25k, something is messed up and I probably won't be able to use it.

Finally, if you are new to translating — it's more work than you might think it is, even if you are fluent in both languages.

Which languages am I interested in? Primarily Spanish, German, French and Russian, as many people form countries with these languages visit my website. I have nothing against languages such as Icelandic or Swedish, but integrating the translated text is a fair bit of work for me as well, so I prefer to focus on languages with a larger audiences. Surprisingly, I get very little traffic from China, despite it's size. I think that country has less of a "do it yourself" culture and not much overlap between people who work with wood and people with internet access.

Which page to translate? Asmk me, or pick your favourite, give it a shot, and if you are happy with the result, send it to me. My email is:

So far, I have not widely announced this. But some pages have been translated by volunteers so far:

By Sergio Acuña Padin to Spanish:
Simple worbench: Como construir un banco de trabajo sencillo y resistente
Beginning woodworking: Comenzando con la afición a la carpintería
How to build a table: Como construir una mesa
Table saw dovetail jig articles: Plantilla para ensambles de cola de milano con la sierra de mesa
Patio bench: Banco de patio (para echar la siesta)
Horizontal boring jig: Guía para taladrar horizontalmente
Spacing spindles: Espaciando listones a distancias iguales
Lawn chairs: Sillas de jardín
Lawn chair repair: Madera podrida / reparando sillas de jardín
Building a bed: Construyendo una cama
Gear template generator: Generador de plantillas para engranajes
How to make gears: Como hacer engranajes de madera
Planetry gear ratios: Cálculos de la relación de transmisión de engranajes planetarios
Building a deck: Construyendo una terraza de madera
Building a shed: Construyendo una caseta de jardín
How to build shelves: Como construir una estantería de garaje
Garage shelf plans: Planos de estantería de garaje
Ted's woodworking: Ted paquete de carpintería
Stencil maker: Generador de letras para plantilla de estarcido o stencil
Making a pirate sword: Fabricando una espada pirata
Dadoes with a circular saw: Cortando ranuras o cajas tipo dado con una sierra circular
Cheap dado blade substitute: Uniendo hojas de sierra circular para cortar ranuras tipo dado
Table saw build series: Sierra de mesa casera
Effects of table saw misalignment: Alineación y ranuras para guía deslizante
Under bed storage drawers: Cajones para almacenaje bajo cama
Wheelie board: Tablero con ruedas
Hui game: El juego 'Hui', la hélice mágica
Pyramid burr puzzle: Puzle piramidal de madera
Tool holders: Soportes de pared para herramientas
Wooden drawer slides: Correderas de madera para cajones
Sorting trays: Organizador de piezas pequeñas con contenedores extraibles
Bookcase for DVDs: Fabricando una estantería para DVDs
Doweling on table legs: Uniendo patas de mesa con una guía de espigar
Building the pantograph: Fabricando el pantógrafo
Carving 3D letters: Tallando letras en 3D con el pantógrafo
Dremel mount for the pantograph: Montura para poner la multiherramienta Dremel en el pantógrafo
Building a simple table, in pictures: Como fabricar una mesa sencilla, foto a foto

By Paco Gámez Monroy to Spanish:
Boiled egg hardness tester: Medidor de dureza de huevos cocidos
1"x42" belt sander: Lijadora de banda casera de 1"x42"

By Moacyr C J to Portugese:
Self centering dowel jig: Usando um gabarito auto-centralizador de cavilhas
How to make gears: Como construir engrenagens de madeira
How to build shelves: Como construir prateleiras
How to build a table: Como construir uma mesa
Marble shooting crossbow: Besta de bolinhas de gude

By Glaucio Romero Machado to Portugese:
Homemade power supply: Fonte de energia caseira de bancada

By Tania Chumak to Russian:
Table saw dovetail jig: Приспособление для настольной пилы для крепления типа "ласточкин хвост"
How to build a table: Как сделать стол
Beginning wooworking: С чего начать деревообработку
Marble shooting crossbow:Шариковый арбалет
Building a bed from 2x4 lumber: Постройка кровати (из досок 2x4)
Patio bench: Скамья для патио (для отдыха)
Building shelves: Как сделать полки
Lawn chairs: Шезлонги

By Марков Владимир to Russian:
Hommeade jointer build: Строительство фуганока

By Ilia Kondrashov to Russian:
Workbench build: Как смастерить простой и крепкий верстак

By Phillipe G to French:
Simple sturdy workbench build: Comment construire facilement un établi solide

By Philippe L to French:
Beginning woodworking: Débuter en menuiserie
Letter stencil maker: Pochoir pour lettres
Gear template generator: Générateur de gabarits pour roues dentées
Bed from 2x4 lumber: Lit double en bois de charpente de 2 x 4
Wooden combination lock: Serrure à combinaison en bois
Building the pantograph: Construction du pantographe
Plywood gears: Réaliser des engrenages en contreplaqué
Building a router mount for the Pantorouter: Construire un support de toupie pour le Pantorouter
Wooden doorknobs: Boutons et loquets de porte en bois

By Tristan V to French:
Basement storage: Un meuble pour mieux ranger la cave
Homemade table saw, part 1: Une scie circulaire stationnaire "maison"

By Ellie G to French:
Pantorouter XL series: Le pantorouter XL

By Sylvian to French:
7-drawer dresser: Fabrication d'une commode à sept tiroirs

By Roberto Lowenthal to Italian:
Build a workbench: Come costruire un tavolo da lavoro semplice e resistente

By 'Effemmeffe' to Italian:
The physics of bandsaw resawing: La fisica della sega a nastro

By Pierre Schmidt to German:
Build a workbench: Bau einer enfachen Wekrbank

By Jörn Strohmenger to German:
Basement storage solution: Bau einer Kellerregallösung

By Uli Proppe to German:
Slot mortiser articles: Langlochbohrmaschine selbst gebaut

By Alois Schmidt in German:
Guitar inlays experiments: Alois's pantograph inlay experimente

By Tim Koberstein in German:
Beginning woodworking: Holzwerken - der Anfang

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