14" Bandsaw / bandmill specifications

Overall dimensions (bandsaw)

Height109 cm43"
Width68 cm27"
Depth45 cm18"
Wheel diameter 35 cm14"
Table size42 x 42 cm16.5 x 16.5"
Table tilt
Weight37 kg82 lbs

Blade size

Length2375 mm93.5"
Width4-19 mm3/16 - 3/4"

Maximum cut (bandsaw)

Height29 cm11 3/8"
Throat depth34 cm13.5"

Maximum cut (bandmill)

Max log40cm16"
Max slab width34 cm14"
Slab width limited by motor power and blade sharpness.
3/4" blade with 2 TPI required for wide slabs.


Hp 1/3 HP to 2 HP
Minimum 1 HP for sawmill
RPM Induction motors with RPMs
from 1450 - 3500 can be used