26" Bandsaw specifications

Overall dimensions

Height206 cm81"
Width110 cm43"
Depth58 cm23"
Wheel diameter 66 cm26"
Table size63 x 58 cm25"x23"
Table tilt

Maximum cut

Height38 cm15"
Throat depth65 cm25.5"

Blade size

Length4190 mm165"
Width6-32 mm1/4" - 1 1/4"


Hp 3/4 HP min to 2 HP max
RPM1450 - 3550
Use induction motors only.

Motor size, pulley size and blade speed

For 60 hz mains (North America)
Motor RPMPulley
Wheel RPM Blade speedComment
175050mm2304771565Slow, good for detail work
175075mm3457162347Good general speed
350038mm3507252378Good general speed
For 50 hz mains (Rest of the world)
Motor RPMPulley
Wheel RPM Blade speedComment
145060mm2294741556Slow, good for detail work
145080mm3056332074Good general speed
295045mm3497242374Good general speed
If you intend to use the bandsaw for just detail work, like a scrollsaw, you should aim torun it slower (about 1500 fpm, 450 m/min), and a a 1/4 hp motor could barely be adequate, the main reason I recommend a bigger motor is that the wheels will have quite a bit of inertia, and a bigger motor will start it faster.

If you intend to use it primarily for resawing, you should aim to have 1hp or 1.5 hp and run the saw faster, but I recommend no faster than 2500 fpm or 750 m/min. At faster speed, centrifugal force can cause the inner tube tire to lift off the wheels. Also, dust and vibration get much worse.

The way I have mine set up, it runs at about 1900 fpm, 570 m/min, with a 2/3 hp motor. Resawing is not my primary objective. It's not hard to change out the motor, so I may switch to a bigger motor later.