Make large scale-accurate 1:1 print mosaics from images

Download free eval copy
One file, just run it. No install necessary.

The eval does everything the full version does, but the words "Eval" will be stamped on all printouts.

Watch it in action

Scaling drawings is as simple as marking
a distance and entering its length

The inksaver feature can lighten solid areas
of color to save ink
(and this program costs
less than just one cartridge)

Diagonal-grid overlay makes
accurate alignment of pages easy

Print the pages, then paste it together

BigPrint makes it easy to make multi-page scale-accurate printouts
comprised of individual sheets printed on ordinary ink jet or laser printers.

  • Easily scale drawings from known feature lengths
  • Compensate for printer scale inaccuracies
  • Lighten areas of solid color to save ink
    BigPrint easily pays for itself in ink savings if you use it much
  • Measure dimensions on drawings
  • Segment drawing and photographs across multiple pages
  • Overlay grids for aligning multi-page printouts
  • Import images, or directly capture from screen
  • Easily visualize page layout for multi-page printouts
     (red lines in screenshot above show page boundaries)
For more info, see the online BigPrint tutorial and help or Watch it in action
Also read more about why I wrote BigPrint

System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. The easiest way to check is to download and try the eval version,
which has exactly the same requirements. If it won't run click here.

Cost: $22 (less than the price of an ink cartridge)

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