Safety notes

Although care was taken in the design of this apple grinder, no two shop-built machines will be strictly identical.

It is assumed that the builder is skilled in woodworking. This should not be your first woodworking project. It is also assumed that the builder is already familiar with the safe operation of bandsaws. cannot be held liable for injuries that you may incur with your bandsaw.

Some safety tips

  • Always use the plunger to push apples down. Having the plunger attached to the grinder is an important safety element, as it reduces the temptation to reach into the grinder.

  • If powering the grinder with a motor and V-belt, it's advisable to operate the grinder from the opposite side as the belt drive.

  • Be sure to promptly disassemble, clean and dry the grinder after each usage to avoid fungus or other rot from occuring.

  • Be sure to keep the wooden bearings well oiled with vegetable oil.