Adjustable arm chairs

My Dad's arm chairs don't have the plush comfort of a La-Z-Boy, but to compensate, they are more interesting to look at.

One of the things he started doing is to make them adjustable. The other interesting thing was to put wheels on them. The wheels are not so much meant for rocking back and forth, just to make the chair a little bit easier to move around.

To adjust the chair, a dowel that goes across the chair has to be removed and inserted into a different hole. A knob on one end of the dowel is unscrewed from he dowel to allow it to be removed. This does make it a little inconvenient to change the adjustment of the chair, and so the chairs don't get adjusted all that much.

Here's another one of my dad's chairs, this one in oak. Same idea

This one comes with a footstool, also height adjustable, and with wheels. Unfortunately, the way one usually uses the footstool, the wheels are only good for moving it side to side and not towards or away from the chair.

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