Safety notes

It is assumed that the builder is skilled in woodworking. This should not be your first woodworking project.
It is also assumed that the builder is already familiar with the safe operation of table saws.

It is the reader's responsibility to ensure that the jigs are solidly constructed so that they will not fail while in operation. cannot be held liable for injuries that you may incur with your table saw dovetail jigs.

Some safety tips

  • When operating the pins jig, avoid swiveling the jig over the blade until all the material has been removed by straight passes over the blade.
  • Always use the travel stop block to ensure you don't push the jig past the center of the blade.
  • Make sure that the steel rod for the pin never extends down far enough to be cut by the blade.
  • Always clamp the work piece to the jig, and pull the jig well clear of the table when moving or swapping workpieces.
  • Make sure the guide bar travels without excessive friction in the T-slot. A guide bar that offers too much resistance is a safety hazard.