Woodgears.ca meetup

I will be having a meetup at Sir Isaac's Way in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Tuesday, Jan 21 at 5:30 pm. But if you don't live near Fredericton, I wouldn't recommend you travel far, because I'd be sure to disappoint you (I have heard you should never meet your heroes!)

If you are planning on coming or think you will probably come, please email me. That way I can increase the reservation if necessary.

I previously had a meetup in May of 2019, and it was a fun event, with about 10 people showing up. It was ain interesting group of people, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately I completely neglected to take even one picture.

I wanted to host one again sooner, but family stuff got in the way and then it got too close to Christmas. But I figure January is a pretty safe time to have this sort of event, unless there's a snowstorm!