Interesting miter clamps

This miter clamp is an interesting sort of design. I suppose as long as it's used in an application where the outside of the miter is not visible, its OK to have four prongs digging into the wood. This aspect does however unfortunately make the clamp unsuitable for any sort of picture framing application.

Another miter clamp that Kurt had lying around. It came along with the other contents of the cabinetmaker's shop he took over. It's simple enough, though like the previous one, you can be sure that it will mark up the wood. Kurt has never used this one.

And here's a more complicated beastly miter clamp. Another clamp that Kurt took over with the rest of his shop, and another clamp that he's never ended up using. There are some applications where it would come in handy, but I suspect that when an application that this clamp is made for does come along, one fails to remember that one even has a clamp for this very task.

This one's a very simple miter clamping system. It consists of the screw with the two cylinders, which is clamped, using two small clamps, to the work piece. That makes this clamp a very simple and effective jig. I have seen clamps like that for sale online, so you could still get a gadget like that.

I think I'll stick with my own simple miter clamping method though.

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