Building a large mirror stand

My friend Andrea has this large wall mirror she wanted to hang in the bedroom in her apartment. Regardless of whether or not the lease allowed for holes to be drilled in the walls, I couldn't even find anything identifiable as a stud in that wall.

So I thought it would be a neat project to make a stand for this mirror, especially because it would be a good application for my new Pantorouter machine.

The T-joints for the legs would best be held together by a quadruple mortise and tenon joint. I had already made a set of templates for this type of joint, so this was relatively easy to do.

Here I'm checking a joint cut from my template. It looks to be about the right size for this application.

Quadruple tenon template mounted on the pantorouter. I'm using a 3/4" guide bearing and a 3/8" router bit. The pantograph reduces 2:1, so the joint will come out exactly half the size of my template.

Carving out the quadruple tenon. It doesn't take long.

Next I switched to the quadruple mortise template.

Cutting mortises, as seen from the operator perspective.

Checking the fit. I'd previously tweaked my templates to produce a good fit, so there wasn't any need to make adjustments after cutting. It just fit.

Now gluing it up.

The mirror sits on a ledge on the bottom of the stand. A bracket is slipped over the mirror and onto the top of the legs. This bracket holds the sides of the mirror to prevent it from tipping forward.

I joined the corners of the C-bracket with box joint. Continue reading...

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