A cynical take on making bookends...

There has been quite a lot of videos on YouTube about making bookends. The whole bookends thing was started by Jack Houweling, who approached a number of woodworkers on YouTube, including me, about us all making a project building bookends and uploading them the same day. I couldn't think of a take on bookends that was both interesting and practical, so Being the Curmudgeon that I am, I declined the invitation.

But eight other YouTubers (as far as I know) did prepare and publish a video making Bookends on April 11 (2014). See below:

The Woodpecker Ep 45 Intarsia Book Ends

by Alain Vaillancourt
I'm making intarsia book ends to add my personal touch on my family book case. You can find all the images I used at my website ...


by Frank Howarth
These bookends are made from walnut and birch. The design idea was to abstract a half open book. The form is an "L" ...

Scroll sawed bookends

by Steve Ramsey
I was asked by Jack Houweling to be part of an interesting project wherein a number of woodworkers design and build a pair of ...

Workshop Bookends - Easy Woodworking Project

by Steve Carmichael
http://www.thecarmichaelworkshop.com These Workshop Bookends were made from scrap plywood and an old saw blade.

BOOKENDS! hand screw clamp sliding dovetail

by Jack Houweling
BOOKENDS! hand screw clamp sliding dovetail

Book Ends

by John Heisz
Making a pair of bookends from an all wood C clamp. The clamp looks great, but does not work well, so I thought I would use it for ...


by Izzy Swan
Driftwood book ends that open and close with the aid of a Cordless Drill. Fun Driftwood bookend Project. Drill Powered Bookends ...

Trash To Treasure - Pallets to Bookends

by Jay Bates
This is one of those love it or hate it projects. I turned a few pallet slats into a set of ...

And then there were even more bookends....

Those eight videos on making bookends inspired a few more woodworkers, who weren't part of the initial bunch, to make their own videos on making bookends. with so many videos, I was finally inspired by my own angle on making bookends, so I made a video.

To me, a bookends are useless decorative knickknacks. My problem is not that my shelves have too much room so the books fall over. The problem is that I have too many books for the shelves. So a pair of bookends is the last thing that I need. Usefulness of an object, or at least having a personal use for it, is an important factor for any project that I do. Unless I can make it funny, in that case, it doesn't have to be useful!

More bookend videos:

Bookend party crasher

by Dominic Bender
Today several woodworkers released bookend videos on YouTube. It was a collaborative effort initiated by Jack Houweling of ...

Bonus project - how to make Book Ends!

by FunWithWoodworking
Everybody else is making bookends so I figured that I would too!

Extra: Should we make bookends too?

by Não Só Serradura
It seems that the international woodworking community decided to make bookends this week... Now do we at the Não Só ...

My Bookends

by Chris Pine
A group of woodworkers recently each made bookends and submitted their videos on YouTube on the same day. While I am a ...

I shot the video out in my big garage workshop because that's where I have the firewood, and, more importantly, a wood stove.
While I was out there, I also started to paint the ceiling using my motorized scaffold.
I also replaced a crummy piece of furniture with another trash pick. I kicked the old one to bits.