Organ case building

alt="organ console" title="organ console">
The organ they were in the process of building was a relatively large one, or at least to me it seemed rather large. The whole cabinet work was on supports, about a meter in the air. Kind of surreal, this very finished facade, but with all the surrounding workings visible.

Standing inside the organ, at the console. Its almost like the console has its own little room, all surrounded by workings of the pipe organ.

This view is from behind the keyboard. Visible in the top half is the back half of the keys and couplers, as well as part of the "wellenbrett". On the bottom, part of the view, you can see the ends of the pedals.

This picture shows a lot of the linkages from the keys to the valves in place. This organ, though MIDI controllable, has mechanical trackers for the main action of the keys to the windchest for most of its workings.

These boxes are for providing air to some of the largest pipes. These pipes are only activated electrically. The thing on the front of the boxes is a sort of bellow, probably to absorb any sort of rapid pressure changes from opening the valves.

A really large "wellenbrett" for translating the movement of keys close together on the keyboard to the spacing on the windchest. Partially assembled.

Another view of the "wellenbrett"

The top of one of the windchests. The holes is where the pipes will plug into. Some of the tubing further back is for pipes not plugged directly into the windchest.

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