Safety notes

Although care was taken in the design of this 3D pantograph, no two shop built jigs will be strictly identical, so performance and safety of your machine cannot be guaranted.

It is assumed that the builder is skilled in woodworking. This should not be your first woodworking project. It is also assumed that the builder is already familiar with the safe operation of routers. cannot be held liable for injuries that you may incur with your pantograph.

Some safety tips

  • It is important that the pantograph be constructed of good quality birch plywood. The use of non-plywood may result in failure of some parts, specifically the router mounting bracket.
  • The pantograph is designed for use with routers of equal or smaller size to the Bosch Colt router. Use of larger routers is not recommended.
  • Always hold the stylus with both hands to avoid losing control.
  • The router bit is relatively exposed in this jig. This has the advantage that it's easy to see the router bit working. However, if the router bit or a piece of wood were to be thrown off, there is nothing to catch the wood. It is very important that the work piece always be adequately fastened down.
  • Keep in mind that the pantograph, while reducing motion by one half or one third, also magnifies the force applied at the stylus by two or three times. It is therefore easy to push harder on the router than intended. Keep this in mind as you use the pantograph.