Tilting router lift specifications

Below table space requirements

Height32 cm13"
Depth39 cm15.5"
Width29 cm11.5"


Vertical travel85 mm3 1/4"
Tilt range
0 - 45


Ideally used with a router of the sort that is used in router lifts, with a 3.5" (89 mm) diameter body. However, smaller routers and laminate trimmers, such as a Bosch Colt router (known as GKF 600 in other parts of the world) can also be used.
Diameter65-90 mm2.5 - 3.5"
Body Length140 - 190 mm5" - 7.5"


The tilting router lift is designed for a table that is 18 or 19 mm thick. The tilting router lift is not designed to work with standard router plates.

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