Rubber spatula to spread glue

I used to always use a wooden splint to spread glue when laminating large pieces together. Some people prefer to use a roller, or a paintbrush, but that's a bit much to clean up.

I was applying glue to some bent laminations, which were not flat enough to use a split on. I contemplated using a paintbrush to spread the glue when it occurred to me to try one of my rubber spatulas from the kitchen.

The spatula works really well for spreading glue. With its flexibility, it's easy to get a consistent thin film of glue on the pieces, even if the pieces are not completely flat, as would be the case when laminating thin strips together to make bent shapes.

But the best part is that it's easy to clean up. I just let the glue dry on the spatula, and then flexing it a little bit causes the glue to just flake off.

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