Letter stencil maker

This free online letter stencil maker is ideal for making stencil blocks for a router pantograph  (also in Spanish and French)
I also have a stencil program to run on your PC, which can use many more fonts and tricks. Costs $8.

Letters:   Include a "_" between letters to join them in one block (for example "f_j").

Font:         Size:       Italics       Bold       Color: Black Blue White

Space size:       Text shadow       Grid lines: None Cm 1/2 Inch

Print this webpage with "100% scale" in browser for grid size to be correct. Grid lines may cover up parts of some letters in Italic mode. disable grid or join letters with "_" in between to avoid this.   Not all features work in all browsers. Custom fonts for printouts is currently not supported by Firefox or Internet Explorer, but it works with the Google Chrome browser.
You could also take a screenshot and use the BigPrint program (costs $22) to make stencils larger than what fits on one page.