Justin Perrine's tripod

Justin Perrine writes:

Hi Matthias,

I discovered you on YouTube about a year ago, and I really admire all your work. I do some woodworking myself, and you've inspired me to step up my skills. I actually built a tripod using the same design and using pictures from your site. I made it from all scrap wood, and just had to buy the hardware.

I modified the hub slightly, and it came out really good. Inside the hub, which I sliced in half horizontally, I bored out a spot for a nut and also a spot for a piece of hard maple. The thumb screw threads through the nut, then pushes against the piece of maple so the center post doesn't get chewed up. I glued the hub back together and it gives it a nice clean look and hides the internal parts.

I think I may have made the legs a little different too, I think they are more compact this way. I was really excited it came out so nice and it didn't take as long to build as I thought.

Thanks for your time.
Justin Perrine

Matthias comments:

That is a clever change to the design, flipping the legs so that the sliding part is on the inside. I hadn't thought of that, so I had the sliding part on the outside, which meant that I had to keep the shoulder and the hubs very narrow to keep it small and not interfere with folding the legs in.

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