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This is a better view of the 20" Delta planer. It has roller stands on each side which can be raised or lowered to match the height of the table. This is done with automotive scissor jacks.

This aisle has a tile floor to allow easy movement of machines with castered bases. The other aisle has thick foam carpet tiles to make it easier on the feet and back. On that side, there is no need to move machines on casters.

A 12" miter saw from Hitachi as well as a 12" slider compound miter, also from Hitachi. They are both used extensively. I practically do not cross cut anything on the radial saw or the Unisaw.

This a small but very efficient and well made Ryobi drill press. The head and the table pivot around the central post. It is the head and not the table that is raised or lowered with the crank. It has variable speed changing without having to move the belt. In the background (on the right) is my new Laguna 16" HD re-saw band saw which is use mostly for re-sawing ( making thick veneer ) and cutting logs.

Other side of the Laguna and wooden clamps that I made from recycled school benches.

In the background (behind the drill press ) is a shop made veneer press which is used with the electric winch hanging from the ceiling. The winch lifts the upper platen. It makes it easier to insert the veneer material without having to remove the cauls or the upper platen.

This is a Panel Saw. It is very good to cross cut plywood sheets but not so good for ripping because the weight of the upper piece pinches the blade. I am working on finding a solution to this problem as well as replacing the underpowered motor.

This is a 13" x 39 thickness belt sander from General Int. A very useful machine for sanding veneer to exact thickness. The feed is a little slow but the machine is generally well made. The rollers on each side (also from General) can expand to 60" to support longer boards.

On the right is a white board for lectures. The green arm is a 44" guillotine (hidden ) to cut veneer. Behind the screen is a large compressor which distributes air all over the shop. The table is a horizontal panel saw system. The saw (not shown) rides on a track and I use it to rip plywood sheets.

This is a view of the fourth corner. Behind the wall of pegboards are shelves for veneer. The router table is a Jessem. On the right are three Delta oscillating disc and drum sanders. Tools on the left wall are more visible on the next photo.

From the left is a Milwaukee 12" cut off wheel. In the center is a General Int.Oscillating sander. On the right is a shop made surface sander.

Steel racks of lumber behind all the pegboard panels.

To the left is a panel clamping system from Lee Valley Tools.

Right hand lower corner is an old Delta vertical jointer. Yes a jointer. It was made in the 1960s. It was thought to be safer for high school students The knives are small bits attached to a 10" vertical disc. Not a great machine.

Regarding the size of his tool collection, Jacques has this to say:

"My brother says that some day two men in white coats will come and take me away. Someone said that "if they are men, after looking at the shop, they will forget what they came for and I should remain free". Some friends have accused me of being a tool collector. There is some truth to that, but considering that I spend 30 to 40 hours a week using the tools for pure and unstressed enjoyment, it is more than a static collection of items. Besides working commercially is very difficult and then you loose your hobby. I need the hobby more than the money."

I made a short video walking through Jacques's workshop to give you a better sense of how it all connects together.

Many thanks to Jacques for showing me his amazing workshop, lettimg me photograph it, and commenting on all the photos.

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