Pierre Faubert's workshop

When Pierre sent me pictures of his homemade bandsaw I was curious about some of the machines in the background. Pierre graciously sent photos of the rest of his shop, with notes. A very nicely organized shop! Pierre also added:

All my equipment follows the same colour scheme. It all started when I bought a Rigid granite topped table saw on sale at Home Depot. Then everything else just had to be Home Depot orange!

Being retired, money is a little tight and I enjoy building my equipment. I search the web for ideas then I design and draw the tools (your "long reach" clamps are next!)

Shop-made rolling tool chest and bandsaw

Table saw, downdraft table, router table and jointer cluster

Shop-made router table

Shop-made router lift

Front of the shop-made downdraft table (which comes on one hour
every night with a timer)

Shop-made work bench

Shop-made mortiser and pipe clamp rack made from plastic pipe

Drill press, disc sander on shop-made bench

Very cheap wood lathe

Thickness planer and the shop-made rolling cart

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