Old videos from dad's workshop

When I posted the old photos of my dad's shop, I noticed that a lot of people clicked on them to enlarge, so I figured some of you might be curious to see more.

These videos are clips from my brother's old camcroder from the 1990s. He was just shooting stuff as it happened, not meant for a presentation. So they are not as organized or logical as my other videos. I only posted them on my other YouTube channel.

Inventing the Jenga pistol, December 1994

For the winter of 1994, with the new house still under construction, my parents lived in the finishing room of the old workshop. That Christmas, we played a lot of Jenga, and I had the idea of trying to use impacts to dislodge the Jenga blocks. Then I had the idea for a Jenga pistol. So I just went out into the shop and built it. From the idea to the completed first Jenga pistol in less than an hour, the glue wasn't even fully dry when I first tried it out.

Building my round dining table, December 1996

Some random video clips of my dad and me working on the round dining table for my first house.

This was the only furniture project that my dad and I ever worked on together. I guess we are both fairly solitary workers.

Dad showing my sister Marlene how to use the lathe, December 1999

My dad showing my sister how to use the lathe. He's also working on some paneled doors for a piece of furniture, and the video captured one of the pieces splitting on the jointer (oops!). That happens.

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