Extra depth of cut modification

I was able to modify my delta hybrid saw to give me more than an extra 5 mm of maximum depth of cut with this rather simple modification.

When I had my delta saw apart to align the trunnions, I also had a closer look at the saw's internal depth of cut limit.

I knew that there was still lots of clearance for everything in the saw when the saw hit the internal stop for maximum depth of cut. So really, the internal maximum depth of cut stop was arbitrarily limiting the maximum depth.

Lower depth stop

Maximum depth stop
(cap screw replaced)
The depth of cut limits are set by two cap screws in the saw's arbor support hitting another screw that is screwed into an extension of the infeed side trunnion.

The arbor support, as I call it, is the part that is rotated up and down with the worm gear that is turned by the depth of cut adjustment wheel.

So I took out the cap screw for the maximum depth, and instead screwed in a screw from the other side. That way, the screw thread, instead of the wider screw head provided the stop. But I found that there was still more room, so I ground the screws flat on the side on which they touch.

Overall, I was able to increase the maximum depth of cut by about 0.220" (5.4 mm), and I now get just shy of 3.5" depth of cut with the saw. This is useful when re-sawing pieces of firewood or wide boards.

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