Table saw dovetail jig specifications

Overall dimensions

Tails jig44 x 30 x 19 cm17" x 12" x 8"
Pins jig40 x 30 x 20 cm 16" x 12" x 8"

Maximum stock size

Width18 cm *7" *
Thickness38 mm1.5"
* Wider stock can be handled if you make the stock mounting board wider than in the plans.

Tail widths (at base of tails, with 2.5 mm wide blade)

At 7 degrees6.7 - 10.6 mm **17/64" - 27/64"
At 15 degrees11.7 - 20.3 mm **29/64" - 51/64"
** Wider saw blades or dado blades will produce wider tails.
The plans include an Excel worksheet to calculate the tail widths

Tail spacing

At 7 degrees, 19 mm stock20 mm and up25/32" and up
At 15 degrees, 19 mm stock40 mm and up1 18/32" and up
The spacers in the plans are 30 mm wide, but spacers of different width can be used.

Table saw

Table saw must have a guide bar that is no more than 15 cm (6") from the blade. If it is more than that, you will need to make the bases wider.

Your table saw needs to be able to cut at least 40 mm deep for 19 mm (3/4") boards, and 59 mm deep for 38 mm (1 1/2") thick boards.

Left tilt or right tilt saws may be used.

Regular saw blades (with alternating set) or blades with a straight set can be used.

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