Frequently asked questions about the plans I have for sale

Can you send the plans to Brazil (or another country)

The plans are a download, you have to print them yourself. As long as you can download, you can buy the plans from anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost in Brazilian Real? (or another currency)

Currency conversion is handled automatically through the on-line purchasing process. If you want to know how much it costs in your country, you can use google to do the conversion. For example, type "$18 in Brazilian real" into google

Do you still sell the plans?

Yes, I get this question. Yes, I still sell the plans.
I think people feel a need to ask me something, anything to make sure there is a live person behind the site and it's still active. Believe me, the site doesn't update itself. If the most recent update on the front page was more than a month old, this might be a valid concern. But if you really do feel a need to send me an email to see if I'm still here, I will reply.

My credit card was declined

I don't have control over whether the payment system accepts or decline your credit card. Trying a different computer won't help. But we do support payment through two separate payment processors (through PayPal, and using credit card directly), so try the other method. But the best "fix" may be to use a different credit card.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Sorry, I do not accept payment by wire transfer. I have no reliable way of getting notifications for these, so this always involves several emails back and forth over the course of the week asking if the mony has arrived yet. Not something I have time for, plus it costs you about $20 to send money via wire transfer.

Can I pay by Western Union?

Western Union provides no means of collecting payment online. I don't have enough time in my day to make a trip to western union, fill out paperwork and wait in line.

I have trouble printing. Can you send me a paper copy?

Sorry, I don't send out paper copies. Please see the instructions in the plans about printing 1 to 1. If you do need help, please describe what you are doing and how the results differ from expected. If you just say "I can't print 1:1", all I can say is "please follow the instructions" and hope that that covers it.

Can I pay you to send me a paper copy?

No. I know a guy who sells his plans as paper copies, and he charge MUCH more than what I charge. He has to, because it's very time consuming. To do a one-off just for you would be even more time consuming, so it's just not an option. Some laser printers may be as much as 1% off-scale (1 mm error for every 10 cm). Ink jet printers are more accurate. Some PDF viewers will not preserve scale, use Adobe acrobat reader or Foxit reader to view and print the PDF. Please also see the notes about printing the templates in the plans.

Which file should I take to the copy center to print?

The plans include a lot of supplemental material, and are not designed to be printed as a whole. Browse the plans, then decide which parts you would like to print. Printing everything that's in the plans, for some plans is over 100 pages. Also, before printing the 1:1 scale plans, do a test print of one page to make sure the printer does not introduce subtle scaling errors.

How do I get CAD files for the plans

Included with the plans is the SketchUp model. You can also get the DXF version of the 3D cad model by browsing the plans online and following the link to download the DXF files.

Can I buy just part of a plan?

If you want me to do something custom for you, I would expect you to compensate me for my time, which will quickly exceed the cost of the plans. But for a fraction of the cost of custom work, you can buy the entire plan :)

Can I get the plans in Metric? in Inches?

The plans I sell are only available in Metric. I tried converting a design to inches once, but fractional inches are not suitable for designing machinery, and few woodworkers work in decimal inches. All the plan are in centimeters.

I lost my plans, can you resend them?

You can re-download the plans using the download link that was emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you have lost that email, if it was in the last 18 months, I can dig up the link for you. If it's older than that, you will have to go to your backups. If you don't have backups, you have just learned the value of keeping backups in the future.

I can't download the plans

Please try again. Also, if your computer is infested with malware from Symmantec or Norton, this malware may prevent you from downloading. Try turning the Norton malware off. Keep in mind that you can also view the plans online. You can also have the zip file sent to you as an email attachment (click on the link "send as email attachment" in the download email)

How do I download the plans to my iPad or tablet?

I don't have an iPad or any other tablet, so I can't advise you on that. However, you can browse the plans online using the link that was emailed to you, so you can browse the plans on your iPad just like you browse the web.

Can you sell me a pantorouter?

Sorry, I do not have time to build these for people. But you can buy an all metal pantorouter.
Yes, it's not cheap, but considerably less than what I would charge to build one for you.

Do I need SketchUp to view the plans?

No. All you need is a web browser and a PDF viewer. Your computer can already handle these. But if you want to browse through the CAD model, then you do need SketchUp.

Can I use 18 mm plywood instead of 19 mm for the pantorouter?

Actually, I used 18 mm, but I figured 19 mm (3/4") was easier for people to get. So yes, go ahead and use 18 mm plywood.

Can I get the programs on CD?

Sorry, I don't send out CDs. But you can download the software and copy it onto a CD.

Will the program run on my computer?

It should, but I can't guarantee. Download the free evaluation version. If that runs, you are good to go.

The program won't run on my old windows XP computer

Most likely, it is missing .net libraries

Will the files from the gear program work with xxx software?

I don't have your software, so I don't know. I have a free evaluation version of the gear program, which can save and export just like the full version, but the gears are distorted. You can use this to see if this works with your system before buying the program.

Do you have a Mac version of the gear program / BigPrint program?

No. People have successfully run it with parallels (windows emulation) on a Mac, but if you are not already familiar with parallels, I can't help you. I don't know anything about Macs. If you plan to use it with parallels, try the free eval first, because I won't be able to help you with Mac specific problems.

My antivirus program says your software contains a virus

Identifying viruses has become increasingly challenging, especially as virus writers test their program against antivirus program to make sure they are not detected. Some antivirus programs, such as Avast, will mis-identify anything it doesn't know as a virus. Please note that, in this day and age, antivirus programs are only partially effective against viruses. My recommendation is to do a free upgrade of your computer's performance by removing the norton, avast, symmantec, or whaterver other "anti"virus program your computer is infested with.