Buy a pre-built all-metal pantorouter

You can buy a pre-built pantorouter machine, built by Kuldeep Singh, in Japan.

Kuldeep says:

I'm selling them for $790(US) plus $180(US) shipping (to USA). For Canada, shipping costs $220. The completed machine weighs about 18 kg without router. For other countries, please ask about shipping costs and make sure that you can buy a router of the right type. The machine weighs 18 kg, and I usually ship with DHL for fast and safe delivery.

The toggle clamps shown, and router are not included. The machine mounts a router that has a 3.5" (89 mm) diameter cylindrical body. The cylindrical part must be at least 4" (100 mm) long. Most routers with interchangeable bases sold in USA and Canada have a 3.5" diameter body, however, the RIDGID router is a slightly larger diameter and the Porter Cable routers may not have a long enough cylindrical body. A mount for a Makita palm router, 65 mm diameter, is also available.

The machine includes two templates, one 1.5" wide, one 2.5" wide, and two followers, 10 mm and 22 mm in size. This combination can be used for to make 1/2" and 3/8" tenons. The templates also have a slot in the middle so the same template can be used to make tenons and matching mortises.

Everything I'm using is 100% made in Japan. No cheap Chinese junk. The materials alone make up more than half the price.

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Two templates, one for 1.5" wide tenons, one for
2.5" wide tenons are included. 10mm and 22mm
diameter followers are also included. These can
be used to make 1/2" and 3/8" mortise and tenon joints.

The self-adjusting Bessey toggle clamps and
rail are an extra $65 if you order them.

Plunge motion is achieved by four linear bearings
(with seals) riding on precision ground steel rods.

Matthias comments:

Kuldeep Singh is originally from India, but lives in Japan (this can be confusing so I thought I'd mention it). In the interest of full disclosure: Kuldeep has offered to pay me a royalty on sales of these, in exchange, I help with promotion. Kuldeep has sent me one of these machines, paid for using proceeds from royalties.

The machine does cost more than cheap tools from China. But when you compare it to over $1100 for a Leigh FMT Pro, and how limited that machine is, I think Kuldeep's pantorouter is a bargain! Especially considering that he puts these together one at a time, without fancy automated machinery or cheap Chinese labour.

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Kuldeep also has a YouTube channel

For sales in North America please see:
For sales outside of North America, please see:

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