Gear template generator program

Download free evaluation copy
One file, just run it. No install necessary

The free evaluation copy can do everything that the full version can do, but all output is shown "wobbly". It allows you to fully explore the program's capabilities, but the display is a little distorted.

You can also read the full manual online without buying the program.

Chain and sprocket mode

Lantern/cycloid gearing

Internal lantern/cycloid

3-tooth against lantern gear

The gear template generator program is a program for printing paper templates for cutting out gears.
It can do everything that the online gear template generator can do andm more.
Runs on your PC (not Mac). Does not require a subscription or internet connection.

Things that the offline gear template generator can do:

  • Involute spur gears (spur, ring, and rack)
  • Planetary gear sets (using ring gears)
  • Calculate small gear tooth undercut shapes
  • Lantern / cycloid gear pairs
  • Block chain and roller chain sprocket calculations
  • Print gears across multiple pages
  • Show grids with diagonals to help align multi-page printouts
  • Support for metric and inches dimensions
  • Right angle gear mode see here
  • No internet connection required
  • Export DXF, HPGL, CSV, SVG, Sketchup, PDF and bitmaps
For more details, see the Online help or watch the Demonstration Video
The doumentation is also available in French but the program is English only

System requirements:
7 or higher. The easiest way to check is to download and try the eval version,
If it won't run click here
It will not run on a Mac or Linux (it works with WINE, try the eval before buying)

Cost: $26 USD or equivalent in your currency.

On payment, you will be able to download your software right away.

If you encounter any problems with the download link or email, feel free to contact me at:
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