Bed baby fence

This is a simple project, designed to make it easier for my brother's wife to sleep with the baby in bed. Sometimes, baby Max needs to sleep with mommy, but he moves around while sleeping, so this contraption is designed to keep mom from worrying about him falling off the bed.

It was a quickie project, and I didn't take pictures of the construction (too simple). Shown here, the long board for the fence, a piece of plywood for the footboard, and the bracket for the headboard.

The headboard bracket clamps between the vertical slats. It's screwed together in place to lock it in without having to screw directly to the headboard.

The footboard piece has a ledge with a hook on it, which hooks over the rail at the foot of the bed.

I hadn't precisely measured the length needed, so I had to drill the dowel holes for the footboard on location. These dowels keep the board from sliding back and forth.

The contraption I'm using with the drill is called a "drill guide". If you want a jig like that, search for "drill guide" on Amazon, Lee valley, or Rockler.

Board in place. It has two cross-dowels on either end to help lock it in, and help hold the footboard. The fence and footboard piece can be removed just by lifting them.

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