Imgcomp: An off-line surveilance program for Raspberry Pi

I wrote imgcomp to use with Raspbery Pi computer with camera module.

Imgcomp uses the program "raspistill" to capture still images every second (or other configured interval), and if siginficant changes are detected, saves the images into a directory hiearchy organized by date. The "browse" part of imgcomp presents a simple web interface for browsing these images.

I use imgcomp for monitoring activity at my workshop in the country when I'm not present, much like one would use an infrared triggered wildlife camera. I also use it for timelapses because it conveniently skips frames where nothing happens. I used it for the timelapses in my mouse trap video, the last third of my chainsaw mill video, and this motion triggered timelapse

I'm making the code available on github so you can use it too. However, some computer expertise is required to use it.

Imgcomp is not for people unfamiliar with the Linux command lines
Familiarity with Linux, compiling code, and editing configuration files is required if you with to use it. Imgcomp has no "user interface" to speak of. If you have never compiled a program, imgcomp is not for you. I don't have the time to teach you on how to use Linux or a Raspberry Pi. If you are completely unfamiliar with Linux, it will take you a few weeks of study to get sufficiently up to speed with it.

You can get downoad imcompg from github (project at using this command:

  git clone

Please read the notes on setting it up.

For more information, please see the imgcomp manual, configuration options and detection regions

If you would like to report bugs, feel free to email me. If the above instructions don't make sense to you, then this software is not you. I don't have the time to teach you how to use Linux. You aren't paying for using it, so I don't owe you support.

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