Giuseppe Gaddi's homemade jointer

Giuseppe writes:

Hello Matthias

I got on very well with your Projects, I just had to apply some changes with regard to the rods for mounting the motor. I also had to build mine 26 cm instead of 31.7 cm because I used parts from a smaller planer. To me it's ok.

I tried it and it is magnificent. As for the frame, I have made it entirely from 18 mm and 12 mm birch plywood. I also built a stand for it.

Matthias comments:
Giuseppe later added a lifter to lift the stand off its wheels. I don't have any means to lock the wheels on mine, and even on my uneven basement floor, the jointer sometimes rolls away on me.

Photos of the construction:

The black knob is for adjusting belt tension.

Giuseppe also previously built a bandsaw:

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