Kajingu pistols for sale

I have spent a couple of days making a batch of my "jenga pistol". However, seeing that the name "Jenga" is a trademark of Hasboro, I figured if I sell them, I should do this under a different name.

I made some slight simplifications to the design, and did not apply any varnish. On testing them, I'm quite happy with how this design performs. Pictured below are photos of one of the pistol from this run.


I'm also including in a few wooden blocks. These are not "jenga blocks", nor are they the same size. I'm including these so that if you don't already have a set of Jenga blocks handy, you have something to test the pistol with when you receive it. Without something to shoot at, one is just too tempted to destroy some small object around the home or office!

The pistol comes with four rubber bands. I tested the pistols with two rubber bands. One should be sufficient to knock a block out of a stack. Two will make it clear the table. More than two, and the pulley is likely to jam up.

If you replace the rubber bands, do not use flat rubber bands - these tend to ride up the sides of the pulley and jam. Two square cross-sectional ones are better.

In terms of safety - the pistol will not shoot anything any faster than you can throw. It is about as dangerous as a small hammer. You should not leave it to kids under 12 years of age unsupervised.

To avoid unwarranted attention in transit, the Kajingu pistol is referred to as the "kajingu toy" for shipping purposes. Rest assured its one of these that you are buying. I am using wood shavings as "packing peanuts", so be careful when you open the box.

And finally, the price:

$28.00 USD (taxes included) + $10.00 for Shipping.
Shipping to Canada and USA only

Sorry. All sold out

I'm sorry the price is so high, but there are many people who want one, and it was rather time consuming to make them. I hate having to tell people they can't have one, so if they take a while to sell, that's ok with me. If its too much, you are welcome to build your own.

In fact, unless I can figure out how to make them with less time involved, it's still not enough to justify making these versus writing software on an hourly basis. Part of my motivation is to experiment with selling physical goods over the internet.