Wooden lathe specifications

Dimensions shown in centimeters

Specifications (when built as per the plans)

Overall dimensions (without motor)92 x 27 x 18 cm35" x 11" x 7"
Overall weight (without motor)9 kg 20 lbs
Maximum workpiece length (with 80 cm bed)43.4 cm17"
Maximum bowl diameter26 cm10"
Available RPMs
(with 1750 RPM motor and 2"/3"/4" step pulley)
Recommended motor Use an induction motor with 1450 or 1750 RPM, 1/4 hp to 1/2 hp. Old clothes dryer motors, top loading washer motors, or furnace blower motors can be used.

Do not use universal motors (motors with brushes), as these run much too fast. However, you could power it with a hand drill chucked directly onto the back of the drive shaft (you will have to make the drive shaft a bit longer)

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