Plans for the marble adding machine

These are plans for a revised version of the marble adding machine, which I built several of for sale. As such, the dimensions on these plans differ from the dimensions of the original machine. This machine primarily differs in that it is slightly more compact - about as compact as the size of marble would allow.

Overall plan
Click image to enlarge
If you print this image to be 339 mm across and 441 millimeters high,
you will have an exact 1:1 plan.

Plan for printing on regular sheet printer
To print the plan on a regular printer, print each of these quadrant images and paste them together.
Click on each quadrant to enlarge the image.
The dashed of the lines for the quadrants need to be right on top of each other.
Each image needs to be printed to be exaxtly 17 cm wide and 22 cm tall.

Template for the toggles
Print this image to be exactly 20 cm wide, and glue onto a piece of 18 mm thick wood,
then cut the parts out with a bandsaw

The sliders
Dimensions for the sliders and horizontal strips with holes in them.
Click image to enlarge.

Cross section
Cross section is for reference only. See main plan for part dimensions.

Please keep in mind that the machine may require some tweaking to get it to work reliably after you build it.

These are plans for version 2 of the adding machine.

More about Building this machine.
Also check out my page about version 1 of my Marble adding machine