Brain pick with Bob Clagett (live interview)

Bob Clagett has a series of interviews with woodworkers on YouTube on his YouTube channel.
He also interviewed me on March 17 2015. Yo can watch the interview below:

Some of the topics we discussed:
Doing YouTube for a living
My education
Motivation for making homemade tools
Why I don't use CNC
How I pick what to do projects on
Japanese joinery
Raspberry PI
What sort of videos do well
Maker movement
Why I won't build a thickness planer or drill press

It gave me a chance to informally answer a number of things I'm often asked about on YouTube comments, but rarely bother to answer. I figure, if you are curious enough about these things, you can find about them on my website. If it's not worth your time to look for an answer, then it's not worth my time to write you an answer. I even have a Frequently asked questions document, but again, people don't read so much.

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