Window light diffuser

I like to use natural light in my workshop when I can. But direct sunshine overpowers the other lights and makes for very uneven lighting.

So I made a screen that I could insert into the window on sunny days.

I cut some pieces of wood, about 18x18 mm, and cut box joints on the ends with my box joint jig

These make for some very strong corners...

... but to be on the safe side, I also glued some plywood triangles on the corners for reinforcement.

I then stapled some white fabric to the screen, being careful to select a piece of fabric that doesn't let too much direct sunlight through, and is white, not off-white. Off-white would mess up the colours for when I take pictures.

Putting the screen in the window. On the bottom, it just rests on two small blocks of wood. A small hook at the top keeps it from falling forward.

Here you can see the difference the screen makes, from the sun completely overpowering on the left, to relatively diffuse light on the right.

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