Screw advance box joint jig

The screw advance box joint jig is designed for making a precisely spaced series of cuts in a stack of workpieces on the table saw. The flexibility of positioning makes it possible to cut precise joints, even without a dado blade.

The jig uses wooden gears and a threaded rod to reposition the stock. Moving to the next increment is as simple as turning the crank one or more turns.
The crank gears are interchangeable and can be meshed with a 12 and a 16-tooth gear on the threaded rod. This makes for a lot of options for how far to space the cuts apart. I made these gears as needed, but mostly, I just use it with the 48-tooth crank gear.

But my favourite method of using the jig is to make several cuts for each slot. By using a large 48-tooth crank gear, I can mark which angles I need to set the crank to for cutting out a slot with multiple cuts. That way, I can cut slots of a specific width without having a saw blade or dado blade that cuts that exact width.

Building the jig
video series
How to make gears
for the jig
Gears with a jigsaw
or a table saw

(if you don't have a bandsaw)
Cutting box joints
without a dado blade
Tiny box joined box
Small boxes for drawers
Plans for the
box joint jig

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Plans for the
box joint jig