Stefan's pantorouter with Lego templates

Stefan writes:

Hi Matthias

My name is Stefan and I'm a hobby woodworker from Germany and a great fan of your website and the information you provide week by week. Excellent, very great job!

Thereby, I'm also affected by the Pantorouter fever. So, I build my own one, not from your plans, but with some of your ideas.

You already have a lot of Pantorouter build pictures form other guys on your web page. So, this is not my priority to give you the next set of such pictures. Instead I'd like to talk about a new idea to handle templates.

To be a compromise between the red standard templates from the Hybrid pantorouter and the maximum flexibility (but also maximum effort) of making wooden ones, I came up with the idea to use LEGO bricks. For this I built the following holder as a template playground for my Pantorouter.

I also built my own dust collection for the pantorouter.

LEGO templates.

Extra LEGO bricks are added to the inside or outside of the template to reinforce them against getting pushed over.

An assortment of different sized followers to adjust the size of the tenons with different sized router bits, similar to these

A set-up pin for establishing where tenons will go.

Some of the templates, above, have a hole in the center. An 8 mm follower is placed in the hole, then used with the set-up pin to center the tenons om the workpiece.

A simple depth gauge for aligning the workpiece on the table at the right depth.

Best Regards

PS.: Here a little gimmick ... the nameplate of my Pantorouter:

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