Reader built pantorouter machines

Also see: Steve Zhang's pantorouter XL build on YouTube

Gerry's pantorouter on and Jon Burros's pantorouter on YouTube.

And more pictures of reader built pantorouters:

Theodore Tsinarakis's

Lindy Carpenter's

tcosta1020' on YouTube
nice video, but unfortunately contains copyrighted music which adds restrictions (embedding not allowed)

Tom Truksa's

Tom Truska, from the Czech republic, built a lounger from white oak with his pantorouter, and made a nice video of the build.

And here Tom is using it to drill a hole that he could not get the correct size drill for.

Tom also uses the pantorouter in this video and this video

Sungsik Choi's

A pantorouter built in Korea.

Bob Bevin's

Elad Fish's on YouTube

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