The borg cube puzzle

This "borg" puzzle is another puzzle of my own design.

These are all the parts for the borg puzzle. Except for the piece on the bottom right, each of these parts can be thought of as being comprised of exactly nine cubes. I used 18 mm for the basic cube dimensions, so the whole puzzle assembles to 90x90x90 mm.

To assemble this puzzle, make two of the shapes shown at left in the photo. On the right you can see the shape at left partially built. Hook four of the funny hooks together, then hook in the C-shaped piece.

Once the two assemblies are made, they are then hooked into each other

Next, the notched bars are inserted in the middle and slid outwards

The last two piece insert from either end. I put a rare earth magnet in one of these and a screw in the other, so that the last two pieces stick together in the middle. As long as these are in place, nothing wiggles or comes apart.

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