Wooden assembly puzzles

These are some of the wooden assembly puzzles I built. They are all relatively easy to make. I'm afraid I don't have any of these for sale. The time and effort that goes into them is too much for the price I could reasonably charge for them. My experience with selling jenga pistols has convinced me that it's not a good use of my time selling items of this nature.

3-piece pyramid puzzle

A simple but fiendishly difficult to assemble puzzle.

12-piece burr puzzle

A burr made out of 12 identical pieces, but tricky to assemble.

24-piece burr puzzle

A complex looking, but relatively easy to assemble puzzle.

36-piece burr puzzle

An intimidating looking puzzle of my own design,
but relatively easy to put together.

Borg puzzle

Another puzzle of my own invention, inspired by my experiments with making 3-d pentominos.

Snake cube puzzle

A well known puzzle, how to make it, how to solve it.

Captive cross inside a cube

Not really a puzzle (its pretty obvious the cross can't come out), but a novel object made out of wood.

Cube in a cube in a cube

My take on the cube in a cube puzzle. With square, dovetail shaped holes, so the inside cubes can be bigger.

Clever 3-way joint (Kawai Tsugite)

A clever and novel, but less than practical joint that goes together three different ways, invented by a Japanese guy..

Wooden chain

From one piece, using only power tools. The puzzle with this one is all in how to make it.

The "Hui" game

Also known as a "gee haw stick". A trick allows the user to control the spin of the propeller without onlookers noticing.

Tippe top

A top that flips itself upside-down as it spins.

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