Alain's homemade jointer

Alain has built a 12" jointer from my plans. Of all the machines I have designed, I think the jointer is the hardest to build because precision matters so much with this one.

Alain makes woodworking videos, in English and French. He even translated the jointer plans to French.
If you buy the plans, you can download them in English or French, or both.

Alain added a dust port to the bottom for connecting it to a dust collector. The plastic dust port can be slid out of the way so t he jointer can be used without a dust collector as well.

Alain put some big casters on the bottom of his. He says about them:
"My casters roll so perfectly that I must clamp it to my workbench to be able to use it. I used it last weekend and I'm really pleased wit the results."

With another homemade machine in Alain's basement workshop, space is getting tight. But Alain has a solution for that in the works too: A larger workshop! Timber frame model for it at right. I'm sure that will make for an interesting series of videos, so subscribe to his YouTube channel to get the latest updates.

Alain also has a website:

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