Hessam Sane's router lift

Hessam Sane sent me some pictures of his router lift design, which was inspired by my router lift

Hessam's router lift is essentially a device to push a plunge router up, but with the crank easily accessible. It's very similar in functionality to Uli Proppe's router lift, but the screw elevating mechanism is to the front as opposed to immediately below. This makes the router lift suitable for mounting inside a router table cabinet, which Hessam also built.

The gearing to the threaded rod is almost the same as in the router lift that I built, but this is where the similarity ends.

The lifting mechanism itself doesn't actually mount the router onto it. Rather, it provides a platform on the back which pushes the router up. The platform pushing the router up has to overcome the weight of the router plus the force of the springs inside the plunge router.

The lift uses an M10 threaded rod (about 10 mm or 3/8" diameter). The threaded rod has to withstand the leverage of the platform attached to it. Two T-nuts in the block that the threaded rod goes through provide guidance and prevent the threaded rod from wearing into the wood.

Hessam says that the mechanism is stiff and sturdy enough that locking the router's plunge function is not strictly necessary.

I like how the router mounts under the table, which is hinged to the cabinet at the back. This makes it easy to get at the router.

The router itself is not permanently mounted into the cabinet. Two steel rods through holes in the base provide support. These steel rods were taken from the router's original fence.

Closing the top of the router table locks the rods in place. A cutout in the bottom of the top also ensures that the router won't slide side-to-side on the rods in case one neglects to tighten the screws for locking the rods in the base.

The top of the table and fence are made of plastic laminate coated plywood that seems to be readily available in Germany. I don't know where one can buy that stuff in Canada. I'd use it for my own jigs as well if I knew where to find it.

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