Woodgears.ca reader projects

Once in a while, people send me photos of their woodworking projects. I have, over time, posted a number of these, so now I have created a section dedicated to reader projects. The reader projects I post on the site all either involve some interesting machine or mechanism, or are based on some of the plans I have on this website.

Table saws and accessories

John Heisz's
homemade tablesaw

Hector Acevedo's
homemade tablesaw

Martynas Valunas's
homemade tablesaw

Hector Acevedo's

Jim Harvey's
box joint jig

John Heisz's
Screw advance box joint jigs for sale

Alois Schmid's
table saw laser

table saw lift

Unknown builder's
Gilliom saw and bandsaw spotted for sale

Ian Watmough's
homemade table saw

Router jigs and machines

John Heisz's
router table

Dejan Kovac's
router table

Timothy Wilmots's tilting router lift

Rudolf Baumeller's
router table

Hessam Sane's
router lift

Stephen Barnes's
router wheel lathe

Tony's router pantograph

Miguel Ruiz's
router pantograph

Lucas Contreras's
router pantograph

dual pantograph

dremel pantograph

Brian Kerr's router lathe

Uli Proppe's
router table, sawhorses and more

Pantorouter machines

Slot mortising machines

Hugh Lyman's
slot mortiser

Based on a machinists cross slide

Shawn Haven's
slot mortiser

Based on an X-Y
mill-drill table

Dan Cameron's
slot mortiser

Novel way of doing the X-Y slides.

Hessam Sane's
slot mortiser

Sanding machines

Neal Weeks's
belt sander

Pat Hawley's Thickness sander

Roger Gallant's strip sander

John Heisz's
disk sander

Simon Heslop's
spindle sander

Beri Bracun's disk sander

Open framed thickness sander

Wooden bandsaws


Jacques Jodoin's amazing workshop

Bill Price's backyard workshop

Pierre Faubert's workshop

Ryszard's workshop, machines, and projects

Alois Schmidt's basement workshop

More machines by readers:

John Tetzloff's

M&M feeder

smarties dispenser

Inspired by Tetzloff's
M&M dispenser

Michael Schultheiss's
marble machine

Ronald Walters's
marble machine

Michael Sexton's
ball mill

air engine

Jenga pistol

Ronald Walter's
roller chain

With some wear experiments

Ronald Walters's
planetary gear drive

Donald Zorn's
air engine
and more

geared desk lamp

Roger Mill's
pen shaking

Beri Bracun's
homemade lathe

Mike Bourbonnais's
jointer build

Harlan Opie's
Quick-set tenon jig

Collin Graver's
All wooden bike

Pekka Svinhufvud's
Homemade miter saw

Mikiono's homemade scrollsaw

Gábor Németh's
gas engine model

Paul Grundbacher's
marble machines

Carsten Avenhaus's

Other reader projects

John Heisz's
homemade barclamps

Tamá s Petõ's
Workbench and
sharpening station

Ronald Walters's
drill press table

John's in-place
jointer knife
honing technique

Ryszard Grenda's
dust collector

David Z. Júnior
and Jean P. Lana's
tool chests

Homemade jointer

Jens Larsen's
Thien baffle dust
extractor mods

Rebecca Thornley's
Dining room workshop, and pantorouter

Carlo Reuter's
boring jig

Hessam Sane's
Sam Maloof style sculpted rocking chair

Mitja Narobe's
wooden bathtub build

Andy Nagel's
TV stand

Ron Walters's
scissor extending lamp

paddle board rack

Matthias Burger's

Brian Kerr's
router lathe

Projects based on plans from woodgears.ca:

Greg Golden's Patio table

Based on my patio table plans

Ken and Morgan's kitchen chair project

Based on my plans

Don Cuniff's bunk bed

loosely based on my
simple bed plans

Ron King's queen size bed

Built with minimal tools in an apartment.
Based on this plan

Martin Brubaker's bunk bed

I drew some
plans for this bed

Desmond A's twin size beds

loosely based on my simple bed plans

Mattias Karlsson's workbench

Reindeer ornaments

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