Roll Around 3-Drawer Shop Cabinet

I like being able to roll larger power tools out of the way when they aren't being used.

Having additional drawer storage is also handy. I used full extension drawer guides and these are fairly large drawers.

I built three of these cabinets; one for the Compound Miter Saw, Drill Press and the Drum Sander.

It became apparent that one or two heavy drawers fully opened could tip the cabinet over much like a filing cabinet or a long work piece in the drill press or drum sander could prove to be a problem.

I used a 1" thick piece of steel (70 to 75 pounds) to act as a counterweight in the back, below the bottom drawer. This could also be accomplished by pouring concrete or laying bricks into a box in the bottom of the cabinet.

The Cabinet has two fixed and two swivel 5" castor wheels.

There is a drag brake, which runs against both fixed castors. Pressure is applied by a star knob.

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