Michael Schultheiss's secure smarties dispenser

Michael Schultiess sent me pictures of the smarties dispenser he built, inspired by John Tetzloff's M&M feeder that I had posted about earlier. Michael's creation incorporates a wooden combination lock, inspired by this combination lock. but what really impressed me was that Michael sent me pictures of his creation less than a week after I posted about John Tetzloff's dispenser!

The crank ejects smarties from the machine. But before you can turn the crank, you have to know the combination!

The built-in combination lock locks the main gear from turning. The bolt of the combination lock protrudes into the main gear when the lock is in locked position.

a view into the combination lock, with the device disassembled. Unlike the combination lock model that I had built, in this lock, you can't just watch the rotors to figure out the combination. It's there to actually lock, not so much demonstrate how a lock works.

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