1"x42" belt sander plans preview

The 1.5x48" plans are very similar, so you get the idea

All dimensions in centimeters, unless indicated otherwise.
Copyright 2020 Matthias Wandel

Wheel mounts


1:1 printable templates

Shown below are the 1:1 printable templates for the 1x42" version. The 1.5"x48" version is actually simpler as the direct drive makes for fewer parts. The 1:1 printouts are for pasting onto a sheet of plywood and cutting it out on a bandsaw (much faster than CNC), also for checking part sizes that aren't cut from templates.

The templates span across several A4 or letter sized pages that you can print on a regular sized printer. An alignment grid helps to line up the pages when gluing them together.

  Four pages, 18 mm (3/4") plywood

  Four pages, 11 mm (3/8"-7/16") plywood

  Four pages, 6 mm (1/4") plywood

  Six pages, base, 18 mm (3/4") plywood

Building instructions

The plans also include extensive building instructions, with over 100 photographs showing the steps involved in building the strip sander.

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