1.5" x 48" belt sander specifications

Overall dimensions (as per plans)

Sanding belt38mm x 1220mm1.5" x 48"
Overall size49 x 25 x 43 cm 19.5"x10"x17"
Table size22 x 17.5 cm8.5" x 7"
Table tilt-5° to 45°
Exposed belt height23 cm9"
Space behind belt21.5 cm8 1/2"
Weight (with motor)  9 kg (approx)
20 lbs (approx)
Motor Use an induction motor in the range of 1450 to 3500 RPM, 1/4 hp to 1/2 hp. Old clothes dryer motors, top loading washer motors, furnace blower motors and some dishwasher motors can be used.

Do not use universal motors (motors with brushes), as these run much too fast. However, you could power it with a hand drill, as these are geared down to reasonable speeds.

Dimensions shown in centimeters

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