David Z. Júnior and Jean P. Lana's tool chests

David Z. Júnior writes


I live in Santa Catarina in Brazil, and do carpentry work. For some time come to admire and follow your posts on your woodworking site.
I was very interested in the article about "A clever tool chest hinge" about the Würth box, I showed your video to a carpenter friend and we decided to build two toolboxes modeled on the one in your video.

I'm sending you the result, the video posted on you tube, and some pictures of the boxes.

I wonder what you think of our work!

David Zimmermann Júnior
Jean Pierre Lana

Wow, those are some nice tool chests. I think you exceeded the Würth tool chest you were inspired by!

I was curious about theeir ages, and David Jú replied indicate he's 22, and his friend is 21. David is the one on the left on the workbench.

Nice video (at left) too!

I like the homeade full extension slides on the drawer and the slide out panel!

Not obvious at first glance is the bent piece of re-bar used to lock the chisel holder in it's upper (or lower) position. The re-bar is painted light brown, so it blends in with the wood.

A close up of the hinge mechanism. The end of the handle is shaped the same shape as the lid follows as it opens and closes.

The corner joints were cut on the table saw.

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