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Copyright 2014 Matthias Wandel



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1:1 printable templates

There are 1:1 printable drawings for all the parts as PDFs. These can be used as templates, or to hold the part against them. or, for some parts, pasting the template onto plywood for cutting out. The templates are as a PDF, segmented to fit on regular letter (8.5x11") or A4 sized paper. A diagonal grid across all the pages makes it easy to align the pages when gluing them together as one sheet.

The plans also include images that can be loaded into the free eval. version of BigPrint (for Windows). This allows you to optimize printing for any size paper.

Building instructions

The plans also include extensive building instructions with over 130 photos showing the steps of building the dust collector.
All the photographs (in the plans) can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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