Marble run toy blocks

1: Building the Ramp blocks

2: Lever based marble pump for lifting

3: More track elements

4: Some tracks built with the blocks

Simplified construction method for ramps and pump

I originally designed these marble blocks for a toy company ( who approached me. But I have not heard from them since 2013, so it's safe to say that it's going nowhere.

Instead, you can buy a set of plans for the blocks and make your own. I originally used some of my fancy tools when I built these, so here I'm demonstrating building the parts again, this time with more basic tools.


5: Simplified method of making
the marble pump

6: Simplified method of making
the marble blocks

Buy plans for the marble blocks
(based on simplified construction method)

From time to time, people ask if they can buy the blocks. Sorry, I do not make these for sale.
But if you want a toy in similar spirit, you can search fur "Cuboro blocks", or "Haba kugelbahn".
or "Quadrilla", though none of these have cool stuff like the marble pump or the flipflop.

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